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Camping at Temghar Backwaters

  Having fun along with an all-inclusive experience of nature, hiking, music, and adventure is the motto of our campsite. We believe in providing the true camping experience and help in developing the camping spirit in our lives. A true camper is energized at all ages; all he/she needs is a night at our campsite. We have a beautiful view with fun-loving counselors, many activities, and the camp magic that makes a weekend feel like a lifetime. We are the only Pure - veg campsite around Pune, and one of our specialties is delicious food Itinerary:          Camping at Temghar Backwaters …Read More

Chandrakhani Adventure & Nature Camp (10-15 years)

  The Nature Study program is meant for introducing elementary school children to nature through a week-long adventure and trekking based program. Students get to spend time outside experiencing nature and walking the trails, while learning how to identify the common Himalayan flora and fauna. Students are encouraged to ask questions and make observations about the relationship between different elements of ecosystem. The program also incorporates team building activities and games to foster a good relationship among kids of different ethnic, religious & national groups. Duration: 9 days/8 nights Height: 12,010 ft Level: Easy to Moderate Age group: 10 toChandrakhani Adventure & Nature Camp (10-15 years) …Read More