About Us

Welcome to the World of Adventures !!!

Backpack Outdoors is an organization dedicated to provide quality service in the field of Adventure and Travelling. The human passion for adventure sports and travel laid the very foundations of this organization. The name itself is derived from most essential gear for any kind of travel- a Backpack. To hit the outdoor, Backpack is the most important part which carries all essential things required for us to survive. Be it a traveler, hiker/trekker or an adventure enthusiast, Backpack is inevitable and hence the name Backpack Outdoors.

Backpack Outdoors tries its best at providing the perfect blend of adventure and leisure to all its clients. The journey of Backpack Outdoors began in 2008, since then Backpack Outdoors has conducted some of the most interesting treks, camps, adventure activities and racing events in and around Pune. Started as adventure tourism company, Backpack Outdoors has now grown and is fully equipped to conduct outdoors events, races, training programs for kids, students and corporate.

We took a pledge –“when you make a promise to your guests, honor it.” A firm belief in honest and transparent deals, no hidden costs and no compromise on quality and satisfaction of customers. That’s what makes Backpack Outdoors special in all generations of guests. We strive for 100% guest satisfaction and that has earned us immense goodwill. Backpack Outdoors has specialized division to cater to the needs of all types of travelers. Whether it is guest looking for the safety and security, adventure sports, trekking, outing or wildlife tour we do it all!

Backpacking is also unique way of travel known around the world. Travelling using public transports, living in hostels and visiting different places and experiencing adventures that come your way is traveling Backpacking style.

Backpack Outdoors – Holidays division started in 2012 in the latest venture providing leisure holidays which give memorable experiences to all our travelers. Currently we are operating in domestic segment, Backpack outdoors eyes to start operations for international travel as well, in the near future.

Why Backpack Outdoors?
There can be many options to choose from when thinking for an adventure and travel service provider but we at Backpack Outdoors strive to provide the best possible facilities at the most economical prices with safety being the primary focus. This makes us the most dependable organization. With more than 10 years of individual experience in this field we understand and deliver our best to be the best at our clients expectations. We conduct programs for people from various age groups (10yrs to 60 yrs) and having different backgrounds. We have the capacity to cater to professional adventurers as well as give amateur adventure enthusiasts an exhilarating experience. We feel proud to be an organization which has brought many new people to the wildness to enjoy the outdoors in the right spirit.

Backpack Outdoors specializes in tailor made programs. Through our programs we constantly endure to provide a perfect blend of adventure and leisure. Be it any kind of travel it is the experience and memories which lasts forever, and at Backpack Outdoors we give our clients just that; “A Memorable Experience”.