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Camping at Temghar Backwaters

  Having fun along with an all-inclusive experience of nature, hiking, music, and adventure is the motto of our campsite. We believe in providing the true camping experience and help in developing the camping spirit in our lives. A true camper is energized at all ages; all he/she needs is a night at our campsite. We have a beautiful view with fun-loving counselors, many activities, and the camp magic that makes a weekend feel like a lifetime. We are the only Pure - veg campsite around Pune, and one of our specialties is delicious food Itinerary:          Camping at Temghar Backwaters …Read More

Experience Paragliding

Experience Paragliding – Tandem joy ride Come join us for a Lifetime experience to FLY and FEEL FREE . . . Near Pune Joyride with an Experienced Pilot: This is a two seated JOYRIDE with an experienced Pilot. The most FUN and Easiest way to taste the exhilaration of Free Flight. You sit with the pilot on a separate and comfortable seat and enjoy the view. Carry your camera and take some amazing pictures from the sky. These 15 min will be the most thrilling moments of your life. . . . No prior training or experience required. Any healthyExperience Paragliding …Read More