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Leh Ladakh Through My Eyes - Tejashree Tekawade

Ladakh is always been my first choice. Yes, over the international trips too. Three idiots movie is the only reason to introduce me to this region of India. I have always been fascinated with the mountains, starry skies and raw nature. Its like an another planet for me on planet Earth.

As everyone juggles in-between education -career - job - earnings I also did the same keeping my priorities on the place I was living my life. But then this Ladakh factor was always on my mind. I did 3 attempts to visit Ladakh but couldn't made it. This particular thing always made me sad. I used to die every single time when I saw any picture of Ladakh. 

Hidden Gems of South Goa - Rachel Chari

When one thinks of Goa, the picture that comes to one’s mind is that of what Bollywood has set through the films: a beach with water sports, beach shacks with hookah, alcohol overflowing, and parties all night. Like they say “Every coin has two sides to it”, so does Goa. Hence I would like to recommend ten unpopular things that must be on your “to-do list” when you visit South Goa.